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Break Through The Man Rules™

Sometimes, the cultural expectations placed on men make it difficult for them to address emotional trauma and build healthy relationships. A Man’s Way™ Retreat offers men a chance to explore what it means to be man and to begin to address the issues that may be preventing them from finding the success and fulfillment they deserve.

The retreat will be lead by Dan Griffin, MA, a Senior Fellow at The Meadows and author of and A Man’s Way Through Relationships. Dan has dedicated his professional life to exploring and redefining what it means to be a man in the 21st century. His goal is to help men understand the emotional and social impact The Man Rules™ have on them and to find success in their personal and professional lives.

Be The Best Man You Can Be

The 5- day workshop is geared toward men who are in recovery, but are wondering why they still feel that something is missing in their lives—Maybe their relationships aren’t going as well as they had hoped, or they are not as successful in their careers as they would like to be. In order to address these issues and others, participants will take a deep and unflinching look at their core ideas about masculinity through in-depth and challenging personal work while, at the same time, remembering how to play, laugh, and relax.

Dan will lead participants through a discussion of the effects of The Man Rules™ on their relationships with themselves and others, and how past experiences affect their ability to be fully present in relationships. Participants will leave the workshop feeling ready to stand as a healthy man in the space they have created for their lives.

Register Today

A Man’s Way Retreat will offered on the following dates in 2016:

  • April 25 – 29
  • July 4 – 8
  • October 3 - 7

Everyone who signs up for the retreat will receive a copy of A Man’s Way Through Relationships in advance. Those who have questions about the retreat, or are interested in registering, can call 800-244-4949.

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