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Ghosts of Holidays Past

'Twas the night before the holiday, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even the spouse;
Tossing and turning, sleepless with fear,
In hopes that there will be no family drama this year;

The children were refusing to sleep in their beds,
While we continue to feel in over our heads;
“Will what I’ve done finally be enough;
Why is every family get together so rough?”

As if on cue there’s such an annual clatter,
Feeling like no one cares what’s really the matter.
Hoping the next day will go by in a flash,
Anticipating how even the siblings may clash.

Knowing all the topics we’re supposed to avoid,
To tip toe around so people don’t get annoyed,
But of course after dinner without fail,
every childhood wound leaves us wanting to wail.

The past memories of inadequacy still feeling blazy,
Causing us to believe that we must be crazy.
More rapid than ever the self-criticism ensues,
Leaving some sort of emotional bruise;

"I’m stupid! I’m worthless! I can’t do anything right!

I’m a failure! I’m crazy! What a poor sight!”

The messages that come flooding in again,

Things we thought we dealt with back then.

And after the reminders of a painful memory reel,
this may be the perfect opportunity to heal.

There’s a childhood wound ready to mend,

And a life ahead we have a right to defend.

The holidays are marketed for bringing light, miracles, and a joyful spirit. Unfortunately, for many of us, making it through the celebrations in one piece is the miracle to hope for. After all the gifts have been opened, many times we invested so much into others and feel like we’re taking home unwanted emotional baggage disguised as gifts that have a no return policy. This year, after the challenge of unhealed wounds arise, it may be the opportune time to invest in ourselves and give ourselves a gift we deserve: healing. Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows offers our signature Survivors I workshop when unresolved wounds, hurt feelings, and negative-self talk are at their prime. The goal of Survivors is to begin the journey of healing childhood wounds by focusing on the Inner Child.

If you or someone you know would like to enroll in the Survivors I workshop, please call our intake department at 800.244.4949 or click here to learn more.


By Joell Menefee, MPC, LAC, Rio Retreat Center, Survivors Therapist

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