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Learning to Live Without Ed (a.k.a. “eating disorder”)

Have you ever wondered if there is true freedom on the other side of eating disorder recovery?

Do you struggle to remember who you were before your eating disorder?

Is it hard for you to fathom the possibilities of a life without your body as a battleground?

Do you wonder how you could protect your recovery in a society that is submerged in diet culture

If you are ready to move beyond problems with eating and body image and jump into your own life, the new Life Without Ed weekend workshop offered by Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows will dive into all of this and more.

Maybe you have already done a lot of hard work in eating disorder treatment, are no longer engaging in destructive behaviors, and find yourself asking, now, what?! Or, maybe you have struggled with emotional eating for years and never had the real chance to focus on healing, then this retreat will give you a recovery—and life—boost.

Developed in collaboration with Jenni Schaefer, Senior Fellow of The Meadows, and author of the breakthrough best-seller, Life Without Ed®, this workshop brings the book to life. Co-facilitated by Jenni herself, along with therapist Shaul Austin, M.Ed, LPC, the Life Without Ed workshop offers practical wisdom, personalized support, and creative activities to help you unlock the possibility for healing and restoration in your recovery.

 “During my own eating disorder recovery, I needed unique and added support to ultimately reach full freedom. Life Without Ed is this kind of recovery boost,” shared Jenni. “In many ways, this workshop is exactly what I needed decades ago when I was still struggling to find my own recovery.”

How do you know if this workshop is right for you?

If you are ready to fully let go of disordered eating and learn how to successfully navigate major life triggers, this workshop is for you.

If you are ready to create your best life and let go of feelings like guilt, shame, and anger—than there is a space here for you.

If you want to have more mental space for the things that truly matter in life while building a supportive community, than we would love for you to join us for this transformative workshop that will help you move beyond problems with eating and body image and into the life you’ve always wanted.

As Jenni has shared about her own eating disorder recovery journey, “Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Even though we live in a culture that essentially has an eating disorder itself, individuals can step away from society's lies and ultimately find complete freedom from food and weight obsessions. I know, because, after two decades of struggling with my own eating disorder, I found this peace myself. Life Without Ed is a weekend of connection, wisdom, and hope—a workshop, like no other, designed to guide people toward full freedom. None of us have to settle for living with lingering disordered eating and negative body image.”

If you are ready to finally live your BEST life without Ed (a.k.a. eating disorder), connect with our Workshop Coordinator today at (800) 244-4949 to register for this life-changing weekend retreat. Spots are limited to only 20 participants who are ready for the opportunity to focus on healing and recovery so early registration is recommended.


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